I Received This Apple Watch Band 40mm Series 4 Today

I received this apple watch band 40mm series 4 today. I have to say that I really like it. It has a slightly heavy feel which I like. I ended up having to remove 6 links (3 from each side) to get it to fit snugly on my wrist (which you need with Apple Watch). I have very small wrists though. I started my taking 2 from each side then one more from each side, checking fit each time. Learning to use the tool was a little challenging. You can’t see where the little hole is to insert the tip of the tool once you lay the band down on the tool (I even tried a flashlight, no dice). I broke the tip on my tool on the first try. They send 3 extra tips they must know that most people are going to break it. On my 2nd try, I unscrewed the tool back pretty far and lined the band up to where I thought the hole was. I slid the band around a little until I felt the tip ‘pop’ into the little hole ever so slightly. I held it in place with my thumb and then twisted the tool while holding it. Once the band hit the other side of the tool, the tip just pushed the pin through (it’s important that you line the ‘exit’ side of the pin up with the opening in the tool so it has room to be pushed out). Remove the band from the tool and pull the pin the rest of the way out with your fingers. Repeat to remove the pin on the other side of the link you’re removing. To put the band back together, just hold the 2 pieces together and put the pin back in (careful to make sure the pin is facing the same way that it was when you took it out. Both ends are not the same). You can push it almost all the way in with your fingers. The last little bit requires pressure with a hard surface (I used the side of my needle nose pliers that I had put to change the tool tip). They send you very vague written directions, but there is a link for a YouTube video. It’s worth watching. The band is slightly shiny black color with very subtle bling. If you are expecting a ton of bling, don’t get this band. I like the subtle bling and slight shiny metal. The clasp on my band is in no way lose. It’s actually almost difficult to open and close. apple watch band 44mm series 4 ’m secure in the fact that it will not come open while I’m wearing it. I also do not have any problem getting it open to take it off. I have no idea how well it will hold up over time, but for now, it’s great.

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